French Trading Post Marker

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Part of our in-depth series exploring Southern Early American Forts

Marker Title In Vicinity of French Trading Area (4.5 Miles West)
City: Archer City
Year Marker Erected: 1969
Marker Location: from Archer City, take FM 25 North about 2 miles to roadside park at intersection with FM 210.
Marker Text: In the mid-1700s, Indians of this region met at a trading ground near this site with Frenchmen who brought them manufactured goods, sometimes including guns and ammunition--products denied them by the Spanish who held sovereignty, but could not prevent intrusions from Louisiana. The Spanish explorer Jose Mares on a road-mapping expedition here in 1787 saw evidences of the French. Among noted early-day visitors were Captain R.B. Marcy of the U.S. Army and Indian agent R.S. Neighbors, who camped nearby in 1854 while seeking a good site for an Indian reservation. (1974)

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