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Part of our in-depth series exploring the forts of Comancheria

Picture of Fort Harker Guard House
Fort Harker Guard House

Established as Fort Ellsworth, this fort provided protection to the Kansas Stage Line and military wagon trains traveling the Fort Riley Road and Smoky Hill Trail. The famous Butterfield Overland Despatch began operation in 1865 along the Smoky Hill route to Denver. In 1866 young Bill Cody took his first scouting job at the fort. The next year, while hunting buffalo for the railroads, he became known as Buffalo Bill.

In November 1866 the post was renamed Fort Harker. A three-day peace council at Fort Harker failed, with the Cheyenne vowing to drive the soldiers off the Plains.

For three weeks in 1867, cholera swept through the fort. That experience led the post surgeon, Dr. George M. Sternberg, to become a leading authority on communicable diseases.

Fort Harker served as a supply depot and distribution point for all the forts in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and northern Texas. Gen. Sheridan's winter campaign was developed here, and Col. George A. Forsyth's scouts were formed to seek out the enraged tribes. At the Battle of Beecher Island, Forsyth's scouts held off a main assault for eight days.

Today most of what was Fort Harker is private property. The Ellsworth County Historical Society manages the museum and grounds while overseeing ongoing improvement.

Fort Harker Days This Year

As many disappointed visitors will have noted, Fort Harker days in 2020 were unfortunately cancelled. The fantastic 2021 Harker Days took place on July 9th and 10th. The event included a volleyball tournament, washer board tournament, beer garden, food vendors, dancing, a 4-mile run, the famous parade, karaoke, and much more. The 2022 dates are provisionally the 8th and 9th of July (second weekend of the month).

Picture of Fort Harker Junion Officers' Quarters
Fort Harker Junior Officer's Quarters

Fort Harker Days, second weekend in July.

(913) 472-4071 (Chamber of Commerce Ellsworth/Kanopolis) West side of Kanapolis on KS Hwy 140.

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