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Young County, Texas
Chamber of Commerce,
American Legion Building
P.O. Box 299
Graham, TX 76450
Points of Interest

Courthouse Square is recognized as the largest courthouse square in the United States, measuring 620 feet by 890 feet. The Cattle Raisers Association of Texas was formed under a large live oak tree near the northwest corner of the square.

Old Courthouse Archway

Graham Art Museum, on Courthouse Square, in the Old Post Office Building.

Robert E. Richeson Confederate Air Force Cactus Squadron Memorial Museum. The West Texas Wing of the Confederate Airforce has restored a SB2-C "Helldiver" aircraft to its World War II flying condition, the only aircraft of its kind in flying condition.

The Library of Graham, located in Shawnee Springs Park (see below)

Rock Island Railroad Station

Belknap Civilian Cemetery, located in a field 1/2 mile east of Fort Belknap off SH #61. Caution: Cars can get stuck in the sand.

Shawnee Springs Park once was home to the Brazos River Indian Reservation. The park, located at the south end of Graham on both sides of State Highway 16, contains a children's area, picnic tables and on the northeast side of the park, the Library of Graham. A nature trail is the location of the original Shawnee Spring—a four foot deepo sandstone formation used by the Indians of the Brazos Indian Reservation.

Annual Events

March: Rotary Club's Possum Pedal 100 Daffodil Days
April: Confederate Air Force Fly-in, Spring Stroll, Tour and Parade
May: Annual Lake Country Art Festival
July: Fourth at the Fort—Fort Belknap
September: Wild West Possum Fest & Backyard BBQ & Chili Cook-Off
November: Christmas Store
December: Starlight Extravaganza Stroll & Christmas Parade


The Cliffs, Possum Kingdom Lake, 940-779-4021, 800-621-8534
Gate Way Inn, 1401 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-0222
Rodeway Inn, 1919 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-8320
Ponderosa RV & Mobil Home Park, 2400 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-3708
Travelers Inn and Restaurant, 1516 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-0274
Victorian Memories Bed and Breakfast, Cherry Street, 940-549-4005

Camps on east side of Possum Kingdom

Rock Creek Camp, 940-779-2766
Willow Beach RV Park and Marine, Hwy. 2353 to Willow Beach Road, 940-779-3004
Rainbow RV Park, 111 Hwy. 2353, 940-779-2933
One Mountain Place, FM 2951, 1/4 mile west off Possum Kingdom Road 36, 940-779-2333
Scenic Point Marina and Lodge, Possum Kingdom, 940-779-2366
Sandbar Village, FM 2951, 940-779-2922
P.K. Lodge, Graford, 940-779-2757

Camps on west side of Possum Kingdom

Possum Kingdom State Park, 940-549-1803
Bailey's on Possum Kingdom, 940-549-1871
Fox Hollow Camp, Graham, 940-549-1801
Possum Hollow RV Park and Cabins, 940-549-1873
Lakeshore Marina and RV Park, 5501 Lakeshore Drive, 940-549-2518
Bass Hollow Camp, 940-549-0104


Carmen's Kitchen, 1210 Fourth Street, 940-549-3474
Casteel's Seafood & Steak, 400 Elm Street, 940-549-5320
Chicken Express, 1322 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-2200
Subway Sandwiches & Salads, Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-4649
Sumptin' Fishy, 1917 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-1898
Taco Mayo, 1219 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-6353
Third Street Grill, 610 Third Street, 940-549-7440
Whataburger Restaurant, 1228 Hwy. 16 S, 940-549-3420

Brazos River Indian Reservation
SH 16 in Graham

In February 1854 the Texas legislature designated 12 Spanish leagues (or 53,136 acres) of land to be maintained as Indian reservations by the federal government. In August 1854, Major Robert S. Neighbors, United States supervising Indian agent, and Captain Randolph B. Marcy, of the United States Army, made surveys in both Spanish and American measurements; American dimensions were platted, totaling 69,120 acres. In the 8-league tract here in Young County-on either side of the Brazos River-were placed tribes of Anadarko, Caddo, Tehuacana, Tonkawa, Waco and others, together with splinter groups of the Cherokees, Choctaws, Delawares, Shawnees and some other remnants. The southern Comanches had their 4-league reservation about 45 miles to the west.

Under the guidance of United States agents, the Indians of the Brazos River Reservation made much progress in agriculture, stock raising and other arts of civilization. Drought and other adversities, however, led to closing of the reservations.

Emptied in 1859 when the Indians were removed to vicinity of present Anadarko, Oklahoma, lands of the reservation reverted to the state, and were opened to the pre-emption of Texas citizens in 1873.

More about the Brazos Indian Reservation
Marlow Brothers Picture
Marlow Brothers

Graham became the seat of the District Court that included most of Comancheria. It remained the center of power until vigilantism flared during the Marlow Brothers incident. Another John Wayne movie, "The Sons of Katie Elder," was based on that occurrence. Like the movie, there were originally four brothers. The two not pictured were killed in a shoot-out and are buried at a little cemetery just north of Hwy. 16 on Ranch Road 1191. The remaining brothers and their mother moved to Crested Butte where they were employed as sheriff's deputies. Eventually Texas Rangers were dispatched to bring the boys back to Texas for trial. The brothers and Rangers confronted each other at the train station where all shook left hands while their rights lingered above their pistol grips and remained so until they went to lunch at the brother's home where their mother insisted everyone disarm before eating. The Colorado governor's order arrived at the end of the meal, forbidding the Rangers from taking the boys back to Texas. For once, at least in this instance, the Rangers did not get their men.

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  • The information of the reservation regarding why the Native American’s were removed is inaccurate. Please speak the truth about it. It is part of your State History.

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