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Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

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Brazos Dreamer: The Story of Major Robert S. Neighbors

Five Years a Cavalryman: Or Sketches of Regular Army Life on the Texas Frontier, 1866-1871

Fort Belknap Saga: Indians, Africans and Anglo-Americans on the Texas Frontier

Forts of the West: Military Forts and Presidios and Posts

Frontier Forts of Texas

Indian Exodus: Texas Indian Affairs

Ninety-Four Years in Jack County, 1854-1948

On the Border with MacKenzie: Winning West Texas from the Comanches

Ranchman's Recollections

Trails Through Archer, Archer County History

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