Weatherford/Greenwood Cemetery and Double Log Cabin

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Parker County, Texas

Map to Double Log Cabin and Greenwood Cemetery in Parker County

Continue on FM-730 south to Hwy. 180 and follow it west to Weatherford. There you will find a particularly handsome courthouse, town square and a pioneer graveyard which lies a few blocks northeast of the square.

Greenwood Cemetery Diagram
Greenwood Cemetery

Famous cattleman Oliver Loving's final resting place is honored by a large monument beneath the oldest and tallest oaks. West of the main entrance road is Bose Ikard's headstone.

Weatherford Court House
Weatherford Courthouse

Lonesome Dove fans would not want to miss seeing Goodnight's inscription which, like Woodrow Call's inscription for Josh Deets, recalls his brave service in many fights against the Comanche, and ends, "Splendid behavior." Below are other points of interest.

Picture of Bose Ikard Headstone

Holland Lake Park
Dougle Log Cabin Picture
View of Inside of Double Log Cabin

A double log cabin museum in a beautiful tree-shaded park with lovely old swimming pond & bath house. See and touch the bullet holes left by an Indian massacre still visible in the logs! Previously, the road to this cabin is meant to be an entrance to Weatherford from I-20 as well as a double-back destination from Hwy. 180.

Reports seem to confirm that Belle Starr (pictured above) plied her trade in the gambling halls of Weatherford between crime sprees across the Southern Plains where she earned her reputation as Bandit Queen.

National Champion Pecan Tree

The nation's largest pecan tree is just 3.6 miles north of the courthouse at 2721 North Main (Hwy. 51 N). It is on the property of Mr. & Mrs. Lynn & Billy Finch. The tree is said to be between 900 and 1100 years old, and it takes over five people to reach around its trunk. For directions please stop by the Chamber of Commerce.

J. Brown Stagecoach Works

See stagecoaches & buggies still being built the old-fashioned way... right in Parker County! His stagecoaches have been seen in movies and TV series such as "Maverick" and "Wild, Wild West" for over twenty years. Arranged by appointment only. $3.00 per person.

Picture of Kelly Graham Sculpture

Kelly Graham's Studio

Visit Graham's sculptor studio and see his bronzes and clay models. Kelly is the sculptor of the life size version of a cutting horse located on the Weatherford-Parker County Chamber of Commerce lawn. He learned his art at the feet of his dad, Lex, sculptor and creator of the Back Forty Cowboy Cartoons.

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