White Clay Creek

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The following story is from the book, Encyclopedia of Indian Wars, by Gregory F. Michno.

30 December, 1890: The day after the Wounded Knee incident, several bands of Lakotas-perhaps 4,000 people of which nearly 1,000 were warriors-gathered on White Clay Creek, about 15 miles north of the Pine Ridge Agency. A group of them jumped some supply wagons, killing an enlisted man, and as they retreated back toward the village, they burned a schoolhouse at the Drexel Mission.

Col. James W. Forsyth came to investigate. Although he had nearly 400 7th Cavalry troopers, he marched them into a cul-de-sac among about 50 warriors, who pinned them down for the rest of the day. Finally, Maj. Guy V. Henry rode in with Companies D, F, I, and K of the 9th Cavalry and extricated Forsyth. Two soldiers were killed and seven were wounded.

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