William Lewis

About the time, or shortly after the killing of Creath and Francis Renfro, the Indians also massacred William Lewis in Brown County. John H. Christman and William Lewis, who were warm friends, moved from Arkansas to Coryell County in 1854. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Lewis moved over into Lampasas and during the year of 1857, moved on out into Brown County. In a short time he was massacred by Indians and about one hundred and fifty head of his horses driven away. When his faithful friend, John H. Christman, heard of the tragedy, he saddled his horse and rode about eighty miles to look after the interest of Mr. Lewis' family.

    Ref.: The author interviewed with Mrs. R. J. Logan, a daughter of J. H. Christman, who remembers the occurrence; Harve Adams, who was living in Brown County at the time or shortly afterward.

    Further Ref.: 70 Years in Texas, by J. M. Franks

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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