Coleman County Citizens Encounter Indians Near the Present Post City

    After the Indians made a raid through Coleman County, and stole a large number of horses, Joe Franks, Jeff Clayton, Henry Sackett, Ben Cooper, Jim Jackson, Ken Elkins, J. B. Terrell, and about twenty others, followed these Indians' trail for seven days, and until they were overtaken about six miles east of the present Post City. In the fight that followed, the Indians scattered in the breaks, but the citizens recovered one hundred and eleven head of horses.

    After these citizens were out the first night, a school teacher, teaching at old camp Colorado, decided he had better return, for he had dismissed his school to join the crowd. The school teacher's fate was never known, for he failed to reach the fort. His horse was found the following fall, east of old Ft. Chadbourne. Was he lost and perished, or was he killed by Indians? No one knows.

    Note: Author interviewed: J. B. Terrell, mentioned above; and one or two others.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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