Indians Wound D.R. Thornton

Erath County, Texas

    We are not certain just when this occurred, but it happened some time during the 60s and will be reported at this time. D.R. Thornton and Ben Wylie were hunting stock about eight miles south and a little east of the present city of Thurber. Five Indians suddenly darted out before them, and appeared to be attempting to turn them from their course. Contrary to the expectations of the Indians, instead of running toward the timber, D.R. Thornton and Ben Wylie charged the warriors. In a short time other Indians appeared and the Whites were forced to flee. Wylie was riding a mule, but the two were well armed, and were able to protect their retreat. At least one of the Indians was wounded and D.R. Thornton himself, sustained a slight wound in the arm.

    Note: Author personally interviewed Ike Roberts, Dan Thornton, and his brother, sons of D.R. Thornton.

    Further Ref.: Biography of D.R. Thornton, in the History of Texas, supplemented with biographical sketches of prominent families of Central Texas, published in 1896 by the Lews Publishing Company.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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