Sierra Diablo

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29 January 1881; Salt Flat, Texas: A number of survivors from Victorio's decimated Apache band-12 warriors, 4 women, and 4 children-came back into Texas in January 1881 and attacked a stage in Quitman Canyon, killing the driver, named Morgan, and a passenger named Crenshaw. Capt. George W. Baylor left Ysleta with 15 Texas Rangers and some Pueblo Indian scouts to trail them.

At the Eagle Mountains, the Rangers lost the trail, but about a dozen more Rangers, under Lt. C.L. Nevill from Fort Davis, picked it up. It led north from Eagle Springs to the edge of the Sierra Diablo. On the morning of 29 January, 19 Rangers crept up on the raiders' sleeping camp, and just as the sun rose they opened fire. The Apaches ran, according to Baylor, "like a herd of deer." The fight was over in a short time.

With no losses of their own, the Rangers killed four warriors, two women, and two children. One woman and two children were captured.

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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