Dr. John Richardson

Uvalde County, Texas

    Dr. John Richardson, who lived near the present town of Concan, and Frank Watkins who lived near the present village of Rio Frio, started to Uvalde for the purpose of registering in the War between the States. After reaching a point about five or six miles northeast of Uvalde, they camped for the night. During the succeeding day, Geo. Robinson, a son of Henry Robinson, who had been slain by the savages during the preceding year, came along and found the badly mutilated bodies of Dr. Richardson and Frank Watkins, where they had been massacred by the Indians. It is generally supposed the two were killed in camp early in the morning of the succeeding day. They were stripped, their bodies contained several arrows and a number of such weapons were found on the ground. Some bridle bits of the horses were still in the mouth of Dr. Richardson, and other indications seemed to show that the two had been ridden as horses prior to their death.

    Note: Author personally interviewed: J.C. War; E.L. Downs; and others who lived in Uvalde County at the time. Further Ref: Texas Indian Fighters, by A.J. Sowell.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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