White Horse's Last Victory

Lieutenant Pratt was ordered to transport the prisoners and assumed command of the Florida prison. Being the ranking officer, he was invited to the social events held by the prominent citizens of St. Augustine, many of whom traced their lineage back to Spanish nobility. Pratt delighted in bragging about his wild Indians and their great abilities in riding and fighting. Once he was asked if he thought these Indians could fight a Spanish bull. He gladly agreed to bring some Indians to the bull ring on Sunday.

Lieutenant Pratt Picture

Lieutenant Pratt

White Horse

Four of the Indians mounted on horseback and armed with knives, lances and bows and arrows entered the ring. At first the movements of the fighting bull confused the Indians. They had never seen this type of animal and weren't familiar with his behavior. Finally, White Horse rode up beside the charging bull and leaped on his back as it gored another Indian and his pony. He cut its spinal cord with his knife and brought it down, then he slit the bull open and pulled out his liver and held it high over his head, showing it to the startled crowd. He then downed the liver in several large bites vividly confirming the authenticity of Pratt's claims about his wild Indians. Pratt later established Carlisle Indian School, the famous institution that produced Jim Thorpe.

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