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Story 1

28 June 1860; Throckmorton, Texas: After Comanche Indians killed settler Josephus Browning and wounded his brother Frank near Hubbard Creek, other settlers in the area wanted revenge. Visiting at the time was a rancher and future Civil War officer John R. Baylor with four other men. Upon hearing of the incident, the five visitors joined several local men at the Browning ranch to form a posse, which Baylor led.

The party tracked the Comanches for five days, finally overtaking them on Paint Creek at the Clear Fork of the Brazos River. The posse killed 13 of the Indians, destroyed their camp, and returned to town with 9 Comanche scalps, numerous trophies, and a white woman's scalp they had found in the camp.

Story 2

6 March 1868; Haskell, Texas: On the morning of 5 March, Capt. Adna R. Chaffee, 6th Cavalry, with detachments of Companies F and I, left Fort Griffin to scout for Indians. The next morning they crossed the Clear Fork of the Brazos River about 12 miles below old Fort Phantom Hill and soon found an Indian trail. They followed it northwest through cold, stormy weather. About 10 a.m., on the banks of Paint Creek in the southeast corner of present-day Haskell County, Texas, he came upon a Comanche camp.

Chaffee charged right in, scattering the Indians and killing five Comanches, plus one Mexican and one mulatto, whom he reported were the leaders of the band. The soldiers took five ponies and destroyed a large number of shields, weapons, and camp equipment. Three privates were wounded in the offensive.

Story 3

May 1869, Stamford Texas: Capt. George W. Smith took a detachment of mounted 35 th Infantry and a company of Tonkawa scouts to search for some Comanches who had been raiding in Texas and discovered about 25 of them camping at the headwaters of Paint Creek in present-day southwest Haskell County. With no loss to his party, Smith routed the Indians, killing 14 and wounding 3. Smith gave the 14 captured horses to the Tonkawa scouts.

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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