Kickapoo Springs

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The following story is from the book, Encyclopedia of Indian Wars, by Gregory F. Michno.

19-20 May 1870: Sgt. Emanuel Stance took ten men from Capt. Henry Carroll's Company F, 9th Cavalry, on a scout to Kickapoo Springs, about 20 miles north of Fort McKavett. Halfway there Stance saw some Indians, probably Comanches, driving a herd of horses. He and his men charged, and the surprised Indians fled. The soldiers captured nine horses.

After spending the night at Kickapoo Springs, Stance's men were heading back to Fort McKavett the next morning when they saw warriors preparing to attack a wagon train. The soldiers charged in and "set the Spencers to talking and whistling about their ears so lively that they broke in confusion and fled to the hills." The soldiers captured five more horses in the confrontation. As they moved on, the Indians reappeared, taking long-range shots at them. Stance and his men charged them again, and after a few volleys they left the troopers in peace.

Four Indians were wounded in the two exchanges. For his actions, Stance was given the Medal of Honor.

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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