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DAV Vietnam Veterans National Memorial

This Chapel was erected in 1968 by Dr. Victor Westphall in memory of his son and all other U.S. personnel killed in the fighting in Vietnam. It was first dedicated as the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel, and on May 30, 1983, it was rededicated as the DAV Vietnam Veterans National Memorial.

Lawrence Ranch/University of New Mexico

The Kiowa Ranch, home of novelist D. H. Lawrence and his wife Frieda in 1924-25, was given to them by Mabel Dodge Luhan. Frieda continued to live at the ranch after his death, and later married Angelo Ravagli. In 1934 they built a shrine for Lawrence's ashes. Aldous Huxley was among the many visitors to the ranch.

Palo Flechado Pass

Palo Flechado (tree pierced with arrows) was a pass much used by Indians. Spaniards, and Anglos traveling from the plains by way of the Cimarron River (called Le Flecha-the arrow-in 1719). The Flecha de Palo Indians (Apache band) in 1706 inhabited the plains east of the mountains.

Rio Grande Rift

A tremendous split in the earth's crust has resulted in the Rio Grande rift basin filled with thousands of feet of alluvium from bordering mountains and lava flows from deep within the earth. About 650 feet of this basin-fill is exposed in the Rio Grande Gorge at the bridge crossing.

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