Guzman Mountains

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27 October 1879; Northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico: Continuing the "Victorio War" Maj. Albert P. Morrow kept up the search for the Mimbres Victorio. On 4 October, he left Camp Ojo Caliente and marched to Forts Bayard and Cummings with forces that included 113 men in detachments of the 6th and 9th Cavalry (Companies B, G, H, and I), plus 25 San Carlos Reservation scouts.

Three weeks of hard campaigning followed, and he chased Victorio to the Guzman Mountains near Corrallitos Creek in northwestern Chihuahua. By this time, sickness, broken-down horses and exhaustion had reduced his command to 81 men and 18 scouts. Nevertheless, on the evening of 27 October, Morrow pushed his men up the mountainside in the moonlight. The Indians were reduced to throwing rocks down on them. Morrow himself had only three hours' worth of ammunition left. Victorio retreated deeper into Mexico, and Morrow returned to Fort Bayard on 2 November.

One enlisted man was killed and two were wounded. There were no Indian casualties.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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