Fort McPherson

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Picture of Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson
2 miles south of I-80 Exit 190
Maxwell, Nebraska
Phone: 308 582-4433

Established on September 27, 1863, Fort McPherson provided protection for traders and trappers in their search for furs, settlers in their quest for land and freedom, miners seeking the riches of the Rocky Mountains, and the first transcontinental railroad linking the East and West Coast. 

On March 3, 1873, at he Fort McPherson National Cemetery was established on a 107-acre tract of the Fort McPherson Military Reservation.  Fort McPherson is the only National Cemetery in Nebraska, and about 6,500 United States veterans and their spouses are buried here.

Over the years, this small piece of Nebraska has become the final resting place for four recipients of the Medal of Honor, two of which are Buffalo Soldiers.  The Medal of Honor is earned by a deed of personal bravery and self-sacrifice, above and beyond the call of duty.


Free Admission

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Gates open 24 hours

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Fort McPherson
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Thanks for including Fort McPherson on your site.  There is so much history and beauty in this area. I only wish there was a museum with more information for travelers. The national cemetery is a beautiful memorial but gives no insight into the importance of the fort in the building of the west. If anyone expresses interest we try to lead them through what happened here. Thanks again! Robert and Roselyn McFarland

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