Fort Marcy Park

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(1846 - 1867, 1875 - 1894), Santa Fe, New Mexico

This was the first American fort built in this state. It was built with adobe, had a dry-moat, and mounted 13 cannons. In the 1850's most of the garrison was transferred to Fort Union, with only a company of artillery remaining. The post was briefly abandoned when the Confederates invaded New Mexico in 1862. It was reoccupied by NM volunteers soon after. The post was ordered abandoned in 1867 but somehow the military forgot this and when a relief garrison was sent in 1875, the commander reported that there was no post at Fort Marcy. The government then re-established the fort. It was finally abandoned in 1894. The Officers Quarters remain. Hotel suites are now at the site.

Santa Fe, NM (800) 777-2489

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