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3 October 1854; Eagle Pass, Texas: When Lipan Apaches stole stock and attacked travelers east of the Rio Grande, Capt. John G. Walker took companies D and K, Mounted Rifles, from Fort Inge to find the culprits. On a trail heading west, Walker and his 40 soldiers rode fast to catch the Indians before they crossed the Rio Grande. The party lost the trail that night, but guide "Polly" Rodriguez picked it up again the morning.

At about 10 a.m. on the third day, near Eagle Springs, the soldiers came upon about 300 Lipans. Walker drew his saber and ordered the charge. Leading Company K was Lt. Eugene A. Carr. In his enthusiasm, he outpaced his command and suddenly found himself alone. Three Indians turned on him. An arrow whizzed past his cheek and another struck him in the side. A trooper named Booth saw Carr and cried out to the others, "Oh Lord! There's the lieutenant, stuck full of arrows!." Walker and the rest of the command joined the fray. After they had secured Carr, the soldiers broke off the fight.

The Lipans killed one soldier and wounded Carr and Rodriguez during the fight. The soldiers killed about seven Indians. Although Carr brushed off his wound as trifling, Walker thought it serious enough to suspend the expedition and take Carr back to Fort Inge.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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