Fight Near Ben Beech Home

Erath County, Texas

    After the Indians had been discovered passing through the hills toward Motheral Gap, going northwest with a heard of stolen horses, Ben Beech, J.H.F. Skipper, and his son, John, Wm. Gillentine, James Woodman, James Carahey and son, John, were soon on the savages' trail. The Indians were overtaken about one mile southwest of the home of Ben Beech, who lived about ten miles east of Stephenville. This was in 1867, and about ten o'clock at night. A short skirmish followed. But in a few moments, the Indians cut their herd of horses in two, dropped a part, and retreated with the remainder. Approximately ninety head of horses were recovered.

    The succeeding day the citizens again followed the Indians' trail, and the savages who would not fight, were overtaken somewhere in the Palo Pinto Mountains. The remaining horses were recovered, but it is not unlikely the savages made another raid elsewhere, and recovered another stolen herd before returning to their wigwam city somewhere in the Northwest.

    Note: Author interviewed: Ben Beech, and one or two others who lived in this section at the time.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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