Camp Fortunate

Camp Fortunate Overlook is one of the more significant spots along the Lewis and Clark Trail. It was at Camp Fortunate that the Lewis and Clark expedition met the Limhi Shoshoni Tribe and cached their canoes and a stash of supplies for the return trip. Sacagawea had recognized the Shoshone chief, Cameahwait, as her brother enabling the Corp of Discovery acceptance. The actual site is under the Clark Canyon Reservoir, but an overlook is available with a historical marker giving an account of the event.

Contact Information

1100 Highway 41
Dillon, MT 59725

Phone: 406-683-6472
or 406-683-2307
Fax: 406-683-0065


Camp Fortunate Overlook can be found by driving 20 miles south of Dillon on I-15, then take the Clark Canyon Dam exit onto MT Highway 324.

Season of Operation

All Year

Services and Amenities

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Boat Launch


Lewis and Clark

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