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In 1864 local militia soldiers repulsed an attack on Frankfort by the Confederate cavalry raiders. Fort Hill is a historic site and wilderness area on a high hill overlooking downtown Frankfort.  During the 19th century, the hill was known as Blanton's Hill for the family that owned the hilltop. After the Civil War, the Army quickly abandoned Fort Hill. By the middle of the 20th century efforts began to develop the site as a historic park. Many development plans were proposed but rejected, and the park did not open until 1999. Now the Leslie W. Morris Park on Fort Hill, named for the property owner from whom the city of Frankfort acquired the land, offers a historic area around the forts and many acres of wilderness forest and meadows right in the middle of Frankfort, Kentucky's capital city.  The park preserves the remains of two Civil War earthwork forts.

Surrounding the historic park are over 124 acres of forest.  Crisscrossed by historic dry-laid stone fences, the forest is home to many species of wildlife. A herd of deer lives on Fort Hill and quiet visitors often see them. Views of downtown Frankfort are truly spectacular from the hill.

Visitors may walk to the park from downtown Frankfort.  The trail begins directly behind the Capital Plaza tower. The trail is a 19th century road virtually unchanged in over a century. Connecting trails with interpretive markers lead through the park. Vehicular access is by way of the Clifton Ave. gate on the north side of the park. 

Exhibits about the history of the site and tour brochures are available at the Frankfort Historic Site building at 325 Ann Street, 502-696-0607.

There is a full-time employee who lives on the premises.

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