Fort Bliss

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Director, Fort Bliss Museums
Building 1735, Marshall Road
Fort Bliss, TX 79916-3802
Phone: 915-568-3390 DSN 978-3390

The Fort Bliss Museum is located in several adobe structures that were a gift to the U.S. Army by the city of El Paso in 1948. Through interpretive exhibits and historic period rooms, the museum traces the colorful history of the U.S. Army here at "El Paso del Rio de Norte" from 1849 to present.

The Fort Bliss Museum is located on the southeast corner of Pershing & Pleasanton Roads. You can enter the Fort Bliss installation every day through the gates at Robert E. Lee (east), Cassidy Road (east and west), and Marshall Road (north). The Pershing Road gate (west) is open on weekdays only. Please have your driver's license and proof of insurance handy to enter the installation. The museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, except New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission is always free.

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