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Drawing of Fort Bayard
Fort Bayard
Silver City, NM

Fort Bayard is truly a gem. It was started to protect the inhabitants in the area from the Apaches. Fort Bayard was home to Native American Indian Scouts, two companies of Buffalo Soldiers including Medal of Honor recipients and William Cathay (A.K.A. Cathy Williams) who was the only known female Buffalo Soldier. Military leaders such as Generals George Crook and "Black Jack" Pershing served at the military post.

In 1899 the military post was abandoned. Later that year it became a sanatorium for treating TB. On May 1, 1922, Fort Bayard came under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Administration. During World War II, Fort Bayard housed German Prisoners of War who helped to maintain the post. In 1965, the State of New Mexico assumed control of the post as a long-term health care facility. The post's adjoining military cemetery, dating back to 1866, became a National Cemetery on July 5, 1976. Fort Bayard became a New Mexico Historic District in 2001 and was named a National Historic Landmark on March 19, 2004.

Many buildings are still standing.

Tour Hours

All tours will begin at the Fort Bayard Theatre located near the northeast corner of the hospital.

Tour dates which are marked with an * will begin at 10:00 a.m. The remainder will begin at 9:30 a.m.

January 12*
May 12 and 26
September 1 and 15
February l0*
June 9 and 23
October 13 and 27*
March l0*
July l4 and 28
November 10*
April 14*
August 4 and l8
December 8*

Guided tours of Fort Bayard will be held on the following days of 2010 (or by appointment). All tours will begin at the Fort Bayard Theater located near the northeast corner of the hospital.

All tours will begin at 9:30 am

Jan 9 and 23 July Every Saturday
February 13 and 27 August Every Saturday
March 13 and 27 September Every Saturday
April 10 and 24 October 9 and 23
May Every Saturday November 13 and 27
June Every Saturday December 11
Special Events

August 21st
Fort Bayard's 144th Birthday
Tours, Speaker 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

September 17th & 18th
Fort Bayard Days
Living history exhibits
Square dancing

For further information please contact;
Cecilia Bell (575) 388-4477
Kathy Hill (307) 640-3012

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