Possum Kingdom


This stop is as good a place as any to mention a few points of interest and the Possum Kingdom area. A sign at the top of the rise to the north will lead you to Observation Point, which offers a panoramic view of the lake. Across the lake to your left, you may be able to see a little of the golf course at the Cliff's (888-843-2543) www.thecliffs.com. This resort also offers splendid overnight accommodations and a good restaurant. The lake also boasts several other recommended places; Lindy's Lakeview Lodge (940-779-2522), which is a great place for catfish, and two RV parks; One Mountain Place (877-779-2333) and a KOA campsite at Willow Beach. Another recommended place is Lumpy's Barbeque, where you will often find Allen "Alley Cat" Ince, the unofficial mayor of Possum Kingdom, playing his guitar when he is not cutting steaks and grinding hamburger at the Trading Post which serves as the lake's semi-supermarket. If you fail to catch him, give him a call at 940-779-2365 for help in arranging fishing trips, boat rentals, parties, float trips as well as information about events in the music scene around the lake.

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