Moore's Fort

Photo from the book, Texas Forts, by Wayne Lease.

Moore's Fort, near La Grange in Fayette County, was a twin blockhouse built in 1828 by John Henry Moore as a place of defense against Indians. The Texas Centennial Commission placed a marker at the site in 1936. The American Legion of La Grange occupied the site in 1994.

Buildings from Moore's Fort have been rebuilt in the nearby community of Round Top.

Round Top features historic Anglo and German-Texan structures from the 1820s to 1870s. Henkel Square preserves a collection of relocated early homes. Five miles north, the International Festival Institute stages summer concerts and workshops. Four miles to the east, the Winedale Historial Center preserves a 19th-century farmstead, managed by the University of Texas for the study of Central Texas history and culture.

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