The Alamo, Neighboring Missions and Presidios and Fort Sam Houston

The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

To visit the missions in San Antonio, click here. There is a webcam focused on the Alamo; to view, click here. Visit the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad.

Frederick Law Olmsted's First Hand Account of 1856 San Antonio.

Map of Expansion of Spanish Missions, Settlements, an dPresidios, 1746-1779
Map of Expansion of Spanish Missions, Settlements, and Presidios, 1746-1779,
from the book, Gone to Texas, by Randolph B. Campbell

Fort Sam Houston


Photo from the book, Texas Forts, by Wayne Lease.
Hours of Operation

Open: 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday

Closed: Monday & Tuesday; most Federal holidays

Admission: Free

Facilities and exhibits are accessible to all people.

Open to the Public.

Designed for military personnel but suitable for general audiences.

Location: 1210 Stanley Road, Bldg. 123, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX.

If your unit, organization or group cannot visit during these hours, contact the Museum Director.

Fort Sam Houston actively collects materials related to the history of the installation and Army history in general.

Exhibits: Depict the history of the installation in chronological order starting in 1845. The history of the post is displayed in exhibits representing the ten majors periods of development of Fort Sam Houston. Each exhibit highlights important events during the period and includes the uniform, weapons and equipment of the soldiers and photos or other graphic media. Additional exhibits feature distinguished soldiers or units which have served here. Supplementary exhibits present topics of general military interest such as weaponry and military rations.

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