Battles and Massacres

Actions, Events, and People List

Acres, Anna (Capture of)
Adobe Walls
Adobe Walls, Second Battle of
Alexander and Welch Children, (Assault of)
Allen, Banty
Allen, John O. and Henry Eberson
Anadarko Reservation
Antelope Hills
Babb Family
Baker, Benjamin Franklin
Ball, James and William (Capture of)
Barry, Ranger Captain
Barton, Mrs. Lem
Bent's Fort
Berry, Andrew and Boys
Bevers, George R.
Bird's Fort
Bishop, George
Blackwell, Ben
Blackwell, Upton
Blanco Canyon
Boehm's Fight
Bottorff, John F.
Bowman, Miss Sallie
Boyd, Pleasant
Brannon, Steve
Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
Brogdon, Matt and W. H. Steadham
Brooks, L. P., and Others Fight
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. F. C., and William & Stewart Hamilton
Brown, John
Browning, Josephus and Frank
Butterfield's Stages
Carrollton, Rias, Reuben Johnson and Ewell Proffitt
Carter Brothers and Others in Stephens County
Caruthers, Ben and John and Others
Cathey, Martin and Johnnie (Jack) Hale
Chapman, Andy
Choctaw Tom
Citizens and Soldiers Follow Indians After Killing of George Hazlewood and Attack on the Old Ledbetter Salt Works
Citizens Fight Savages around Palo Pinto
Clark, Alvin
Cohen, Grandma
Coldwell, Jack
Colley, Coler, or Colter, Fred
Collins, Lewis, Murdered While Fighting Indians
Comanche Turned Over to Tonkawas on Battle Creek
Company G Indian Fight in Lost Valley
Confederate Army
Cooper Family Fight Indians in Jacksboro
Cox, Green
Cox, State, and Others Fight Near Cox Mountain
Cranfill, Lynn Boyd
Cravens, Wesley
Crawford Fight on the Chick Bend Mountain
Crawford, Paint, Brit,Johnson and Dennis Cureton
Crockett, Davy
Crow, John
Culver's Men, Captain (Encounter Indians)
Cureton, Dennis, Paint Crawford and Brit Johnson
Current, Levi
Curtis' Slave, Joe (Killing of)
Dalton, Marcus L., James Redfield and James McAster
Davis, Bud (Capture of)
Dill, Alonzo and Jake Moffett and Others
Dillahunty's Company, Capt. (Encounter Indians)
Dillard Brothers
Dobbs, Chesley S.
Dodson, George (Kills Indian)
Doss, Elbert and Others Fight Indians Around Mineral Wells
Earhart Ranch, J. B. (Fights at Ranch)
Eberson, Henry and John O. Allen
Elm Creek Raid in Young County
Eubanks, George
Eubanks, Thomas
Fort Worth
Forted Up
Franklin, James
Gage Family
Gertrude's Massacre
Gorman, A. J.
Gunsight Gap Episode
Hale, Johnnie (Jack) and Martin Cathey
Hale, W. J. Hale, (Ambush of)
Hale, W. J., (Exciting Chase)
Hale, W. J.(Indian Fight)
Hamby, James
Hamilton Home, (Indians Charge)
Hamilton, William and Stewart, and Home of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Brown
Harmison, Lindy
Harrell, Albert and Pete Lynn, (Chase of)
Harris, Dick
Hays, Jack
Hazlewood, George
Heath, John
Hemphill, Joe
Hencelwood, William
Hestelow, Elic (Experience of)
Hightower, Shade and Alf and Ike Ross
Hittsons Charged by Hostile Indians and Freeman Ward Murdered
Hollis, Bill
Holt, Nathan
Huff, Mrs. and her Daughters (Murder of)
Indian Fight About Four Miles North of Lipan
Indian Fight Near the Mouth of Big Keechi
Indian Raid Near Old Gocian
Indians Treed in the Lake Creek Mts.
Jackson, Henry
Johnson, Brit, Dennis Cureton and Paint Crawford
Johnson, Reuben, Ewell Proffitt and Rias Carrollton
Jones, Henry
Jones, Wright, R. W. Littlefield and Ed Ross
Jowell Brothers and Others
Keep Ranch Fight
Kemp, Sarah
Killen, Thomas
Knight, Isaac F.
Landman Family
Lane, Alfred
Lasater Bros.
Lasater, Mrs. F. A. and Children
Lasater, Green
Lasater, Marion, Wess Sheek, and Others
Last Indian Raid In Palo Pinto County
Lauderdate Massaacre
Lawrence, Josh
Leaper, Johnnie
Ledbetter, John (Mysterious Disappearance of)
Ledbetter Salt Works, (Fierce Fight at)
Lee Home (Indians Storm)
Lee, Nick
Lemons' Farm, Dick, (Fight at)
Lemons, George (Experience of)
Lewis Family
Light, W. L., wife, Mary, and Baby Dora
Little Wichita, Battle of the
Littlefield, M. Y. (Roe) (Wounded)
Littlefield, R. W., Ed Ross and Wright Jones
Littleton's Home, Joe, (Indians Charge)
Long, Captain Ira, and Men Fight
Long and Wounding of Others, (Killing of)
Lopp, John, Wm. Tinnell and Others
Lost Valley Fight
Lost Valley Pen, Night Fight at the
Loving's Valley Fight
Lyman Wagon Train
Lynn, Pete and Albert Harrell, (Chase of)
Major's, T. H. (Fight on Buck Creek)
Marcy, Captain R. B.
Mary's Creek
Maxwell, Henry
McAdams, Captain W. C., and Son
McAster, James, Marcus L. Dalton and James Redfield
McCabe, M. L.
McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. James
McKlusky, George
McQuerry, George
McWaits Murder
Medicine Lodge
Miller, Johnson
Moffett,Jake and Alonzo Dill and Others
Montgomery, John
Moore, Hanna and Rose
Mullen's Murder and Fight of W. C. McAdams and Others
Myers, Frank (Frank Morris, or Jack of Clubs)
Newhous, Conrad and employee, Martinas
Nix, Bill
Nocona's Raid
O'Neill, Spencer
Old Spanish Fort
Paint Creek Fight
Palo Duro Canyon
Parker's Fort
Pease River
Peobles, Ben
Perkins, Press (Milt)
Peters, William M.
Peveler, Capt. Will R., and Others Fight Near Cox Mountain
Peveler Ranch
Proffitt, Ewell, Rias Carrollton and Reuben Johnson
Ranger Companies, East Texas
Ranger Victories
Reasoner, John
Reasoner's Residence, Wm. (Battle at)
Redfield, James, James McAster and Marcus L. Dalton
Reed, James
Reynolds Ranch, (Indians Attack)
Riley, Head (Lorenzo)
Riley, Henry
Rippey, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Rivers, Charlie E.
Rocky Creek Fight
Rolland, Jack and Henry
Rolland Boys
Ross, Alf and Ike, and Shade Hightower
Ross, Ed, Wright Jones and R. W. Littlefield
Rozel Camp, G. B. (Indians Attack)
Runnels, Phil
Rush Springs
Russell Ranch Attack
Salt Creek Fight
Sanders, James and Others
Savage, Bolen and James
Seay, Tipton
Sheek, Wess, Marion Lasater and Others Fight on Dry Creek
Sherman, Mrs. Martha
Slaughter, J. B. (Wounding of)
Steadham, W. H. and Matt Brogdon Fight
Stockton Murdered by Savages
Further Activities of Indians During This Raid
Stone Houses
Tackett Fight
Tackett, Geo.
Tackett, Mann Davis
Thomas, George H. (Rock of Chickamauga)
Thompkins, B. J. and Others Fight
Tinnell, Wm., John Lopp and Others
Turkey Creek Fight of 1864
Vaughan, Lim and Others Encounter Indians
Veale, Jesse (Murder of) and Ensuing Fight
Walker, Howell and Son, Henry
Wallace, Big Foot
Ward, Freeman Murdered as Hostile Indians Charge William, Jess and John Hittson
Ward Mountain Fight
Warren Wagon Train Massacre
Warren's Camp, Dr. D. B., (Indians Charge)
Washita, Battle of the
Welch and Alexander Children, (Assault of)
Welty, Henry
White, Elonzo
White Massacre
Williams, Buddy
Wilson, Wm. (Capture of)
Wright, James K. P.
Wynn Hill Fight
Youngblood, William

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