Miss Sallie Bowman

    March 7, 1868, while Miss Bowman, a beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter of Dr. Bowman, was out grazing her father's horses a few miles from their home on Deep Creek in Wise County, suddenly several Indians came charging toward her. She was riding a very fast and fine horse, so she hurriedly dashed away toward their home. In the mad run for her life, her horse made a twenty foot jump and cleared a fallen tree, jumped wide ditches, etc. But such jumps, no doubt, broke down her horse, for when she was nearing the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, two Indians dashed upon her, and shot her dead. The Indians recovered the horses Miss Bowman was herding. She was buried in the Deep Creek Cemetery.

    Ref.: Several pioneer citizens of that section; and Pioneer History of Wise by Cliff D. Cates.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.