Robert's Fight

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21 November 1874, Mason Texas: Lt. Dan W. Roberts, with a detachment of Company D of Maj. John B. Jones's Frontier Battalion of Texas Rangers and part of Jones's escort under Lt. L.P. Beavert, came upon an Indian trail in southern Menard County. The tracks headed east through the hill country toward Mason, Texas. Roberts soon found 11 Comanches, and in a running fight, he killed five and wounded and captured a sixth.

By that time, Roberts's horses were exhausted, but a detachment of the better-mounted escort under Lt. Beavert continued the chase. Soon Beavert's horses began to give out one by one, but he and two men rode on and cornered the remaining six Comanches in a cave on the banks of a small creek. They killed one and wounded another before the others could escape.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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