Capture of Adolph Korn

Note: Thanks to Scott Zesch for pointing out that we had placed this site in the wrong place on the map. We will correct this in the near future.

Dear Mr. Steed,

I've enjoyed browsing your web site, and I'm impressed by the amount of work you've done.

May I suggest one correction to your Mason County map? Adolph Korn was captured on the south bank of the Llano River two miles west of the village of Castell. This site is in far eastern Mason County; Castell is just over the line in Llano County.

Scott Zesch

    During 1866 the Indians captured Adolph Korn, son of Lewis Korn, of San Antonio. At the time, Adolph Korn was herding sheep and staying with August Laisester in Loyal Valley about eighteen miles southeast of Mason. Adolph was preparing to eat his noon-day lunch near a small stream, when horses' hoofs were heard. A few seconds later, Indians appeared and carried him to Oklahoma, where he remained for approximately four years before being returned to his people. He was eight years old at the time of his capture and when he returned, had practically forgotten how to speak either English or German.

    Note: Author interviewed Mrs. Hanna (Korn) Hey, Adolph's sister.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.