Fort Davis

Just a mile or so from downtown, Fort Davis National Historic Site, along Texas Highways. 17 - 118 at the foot of Sleeping Lion Mountain and Hospital Canyon, is considered perhaps the best preserved of all the 19th Century frontier forts and one of the only "Buffalo Soldier" forts in the west. The first African American graduate of West Point Military Academy was stationed here shortly after the Civil War as the Quartermaster. He was later Court-martialed here and finally, posthumously, vindicated, and his good name restored by President Jimmy Carter. Lt. Henry O. Flipper, Fort Davis "Buffalo Soldier" and 1st Black West Point Graduate, Court-martialed 1881, finally Pardoned by President Clinton (2/19/99).The site is well maintained and thoughtfully restored with interpretive and historical displays, an excellent book shop and a museum. Partially restored and fully restored buildings are scattered throughout the 460 acre grounds. Some have period furnishings.

Military hobbyists and historians from all over the country visit the Davis Mountains specifically to see the Fort.

Three hiking trails climb from the Fort, with two linking to the hiking trail at Davis Mountains State Park. Small plaques explain natural features and their value to the Fort when it was active. Self guided tours daily. Admission is $2 per person or $4 per carload. Hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm May 27 to Sept. 2; 9:00am to 5:00pm otherwise. For more info: Please call: (915)-426-3224)