Captain George M. Donaldson

    During the spring of 1843, a party of Indians made a raid into the vicinity of Austin, killed two citizens and stole a number of horses. The Indians were pursued by Captain Donaldson and a company of citizens, and were overtaken when they reached the Leon River. Captain Donaldson ordered his men to charge and he led the war, but his fast horse soon carried the captain beyond his companions, and among the Indians. Captain Donaldson was soon wounded, and when the Captain attempted to mount his horse, because of weakness, the brave leader fell to the ground. The Indians then made a rush toward the Captain with their spears, but the remaining citizens had now begun to arrive, and in time to save the life of their captain. A bloody battle then followed, and the Indians soon retreated to a thicket of brush. Shortly afterwards, however, when they realized their number was rapidly falling before the deadly fire of the citizens, the savages fled.

    A litter was then constructed for the wounded captain, who was carried to Austin, about one hundred miles away. The captain recovered from his wounds.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.