Ben Peobles

    During 1872, Ben Peobles was working for Gad Miller, who lived on the Clear Fork, close to the present town of Chrystal Falls, in Stephens County. He was out hunting horses, early in the morning, about two miles south of the Miller Ranch, alone on horseback, and armed with a six-shooting rifle. When charged by the Indians, Peobles ran toward the house, and no doubt felt sure he could escape, for Ben was riding a race horse. When this pioneer citizen was about three hundred yards from his destination, however, he received a mortal wound, and died almost instantly. Peobles was scalped and pinned to the ground with arrows. His yelling aroused others at the house. So Lish Christesson, J. H. and E. M. Current, G. W. Emberlin, and Bradshaw went to his rescue, but he was already dead. These citizens were later joined by Dick McCarty, and perhaps others, who followed and fought the retreating Indians until about two o'clock in the evening. About this time, Jeff Davis, Flake Barber, John McConnell and several others, joined the handful of citizens. It seems that after that hour, the Indians were never overtaken. However, the savages robbed a house on King's Creek, about sundown, and the citizens rode up just as the Indians were leaving.

    Note: Author interviewed: Lish Christesson, mentioned above; and others.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.