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Sat, 19 May 2001
Have you heard of a book named A Cry Unheard, The Story of Indian Attacks in and Around Parker County, Texas, 1858-1872? It's supposed to be in its fourth printing and available from Mary Kemp of the Abandoned Cemetery Association of Parker County at (817) 594-2612. I just read an excerpt in the Star Telegram about a murderous red-haired Comanche who turned out to be a West Point dropout that that went bad. Sounds like it might be a pretty interesting book. Fred

Camp/Fort Supply

Wed, 11 Jul 2001
Interesting web site. When are you going to add Camp/Fort Supply, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) to your list? Bob Rea, Site Supervisor, Fort Supply Historic Site

Civilian Fort, Davis, Stephen's Co.

Tue, 21 Aug 2001
Mr. Steed; I do not know you nor do I have a record of your credentials, but, I too am a web master, a lay historian and genealogist. I am also, involved in placing outdated books onto the web, and the Shackelford County Tx. ALHN web master, I thought you would appreciate knowing that you have misleading information concerning the location of old civilian fort of Davis near old Fort Griffin. You have it marked on your map at the following url it appears to be in Shackelford County when in fact it is in Stephen's county near the North / West County line of the two counties. Could you perhaps mark the county lines some way on your map? All the creeks are not marked on the current map you are using. Plus, I am appalled that you are using only one source for each of your stories, I know you are simply presenting certain books, but , I feel you should present other books as sources also. You seem to be advertising an entirely different Fort trail than is correct. in viewing your main map. I don't believe the Texas Fort Trail Association is using the Inter State Highways as you are. Is your web site the official site of the TEXAS FORT TRAILS association headquarters here in Abilene? Thank you! Eveline Crocker

Clear Fork Country

Sat, 19 May 2001
Hello RSteed: Discovered your web site tonight. It is very nice! I'm glad to see others have an interest in the history of the Young/ Jack County area. Like yourself, I have enjoyed researching the Young/Jack Co. area for quite some time. My Granparents are buried in the Finis cemetery. My Grandfather Fred Chesnut shared fence lines with "Bill" Ribble, in Finis. My Grandmother operated the Post Office in Finis and lived on a nearby hilltop a stones throw from Rock Creek. Buried next to the Marlow Brothers in the Finis cemetery is my Uncle George Short (an outlaw in his younger years). Being the same age as his friends the Marlow's he requested to be buried next to them when he died in the early 1950's. I'm very interested in the information from The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell. When was his work published? I have several books on Jack County History, although do not have a copy of his? I'm sure you have utilized the Library in Graham, they have excellent first hand accounts on microfilm from the old issues of the Graham Leader. Have you read any of the information from Barbara Neal Ledbetter? She is an older lady who I have visited with many times, she can be difficult to talk to. She works often at the Fort Belknap library and Archive. She has written several books on the history of the Young County including the account of the Marlow Brothers. I question some of her work, due to the lack of reference information in her book on the Marlow's. Glenn Shirley (TCU Press) has also written an account of the Marlow's. Mrs. Ledbetter claims he copied her work and took the credit? Congratulations again on a very nice web site, you have no doubt invested quite a lot of time and effort to create it. I go to Jack/Young County as often as possible to visit the Chesnut home place and my Grandparents farm in Olney, would love to hear who you have talked to in the Finis area. I'm also doing some related research on the Finis community. Best Regards, Wes J. Sheffield Burleson, Texas.

Fort Belknap

Tue, 19 Jun 2001
Fort Belknap is celebrating it's 150th Birthday on Saturday, June 23 from 9:00 - 6:00 Re-enactors from Forts Concho, Richardson, Griffin and Fort Worth will be present and will Chief Gordon Tonips of the Comanche Nation, along with the great, great grandson of Quanah Parker. There are lots of activities for the day. You ought to come to Graham and visit the Fort that day. Kathy Skipper Graham Chamber of Commerce,

Fort Griffin

Wed, 2 May 2001
Hi, My name is Mitch Baird, assistant manager at Fort Griffin State Park. I met Lea Ann Rector at the Stock Yards this past weekend at the forts muster. I was surfing your web site when I came across a picture of the park's adminstratin building. The picture on your web site is from Fort Griffin located in Shackleford county, it was a military outpost from 1867 till 1881 (a post civil war post) and is on the Clear Forks of the Brazos. Fort Griffin State Park would be more than happy to help you correct your website and seperate the civil war Fort Griffin from the Indian Wars Fort Griffin. Needless to say we are the Indain Wars Fort Griffin. Let's get together and discuss this further. Thank you, Mitch Baird

Vermillion Brothers, Texas Rangers

Mon, 2 Apr 2001
My mothers grandfather and at least two of her great uncles were Texas Ranger during the Indian Wars. I know they were in the Brazaos River are, and several other places, however I can't find the information I had recieved about them. It was very sketchy, and as the Rangers didn't keep good records, if they even kept them at all. Any information you could provide me with will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sandi

Warren Wagon Train Map

Thu, 1 Feb 2001
May I ask where you got the map on the warren wagon train massacre because were going to use it in our school project and we need to know where it came from for our bibliography. Thank You

Web Site Comments

Mon, 18 Dec 2000
Greetings: Let me congratulate you on a great site on Forts and Young County. I did see some inaccuracies on the Young County historical sites on the map that I hope I can point out to you. The Brit Johnson marker is on Hwy 1769 going toward Jean. When you get to the junction, if you turn to your right, its about 100 feet on the right. You have Ft. Growl located south of the Brazos River and its actually north of the Brazos River. I've stood at the ruins of Ft. Growl and the Brazos River is to your back when you look out over the plains. One other thing I might mention, is that the great majority of these sites are on private property. Many of the landowners consider even historian as trespassers. Again, great site! Dorman Holub Graham, Texas, Young County, Historical Society Fort Belknap Society

Wed, 24 Jan 2001
While looking in the Travel section of the Southwestern Bell yellow pages I found your web site address which I wandered through. This is to tell you how very interesting it is. I am a life long native Texan (Fort Worth area) and find all the story excerpts intriguing. I am deflintely planning some trips to the areas indicated on your maps. Thanks for all the hard work you have done in preparing and presenting this. Doris Auvenshine Secretary, NE Library (817) 515-6477

Sat, 03 Mar 2001, Website
This is an interesting site. I found info about my grandad, James S. Lauderdale & his brother-in-law, Josh Lawrence. They both were killed by Comanches near Jacksboro. Do you know where a person could find a copy of that book? Sandy Avery

Sat, 7 Apr 2001
Very interested in getting on to your mailing list, but my computer don't want me to. please mail to me whenever you make an update. Congratulations to a great site. yours truly Calle Friden e-mail sweden

Sun, 15 Apr 2001, Fort Tours Update
Is there any way you can mention our Clay County 1890 Jail Museum-Heritage Center in Henrietta on your tours page? We do have a web page and a link on We could use all the publicity we can get to entice more visitors to our museum. It is really very good for our size. Lucille Glasgow, Treasurer Clay Co. Historical Society, Inc.

Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Your site
Sir: I cannot imagine this site is in existence, much less, that I found it! My cousin, Vernon E. Kisinger, Mineral Wells, TX, gave me some print-outs which mention our great grand uncle, George Kisinger, in these fights. "Uncle George," as we all call him, was 1st Sergeant with Co. B, Frontier Battalion, in 1877. We would be interested in learning anything more about the engagements in which he was a participant. He was supposedly in Palo Pinto County by 1868. Uncle George never narried, and was buried in Henson Cemetery, Baylor County, TX in 1922. There is another book which is of great historical significance in this locality. Written by Barbara Neal Ledbetter, 188 DAYS OF HELL ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER, describes the ordeal of the Marlow brothers in Graham, Young County, TX, in 1888. The movie, SONS OF KATIE ELDER, purports to describe their experiences. It is a good read for all true Texas history buffs. Sincerely, William Boyd Kisinger, 8055 N. FM 543, Celina, TEXAS 75009

Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Close to home...
I own property at FM 1769 and Garvey Ranch Road, north of Farmer, in Young County. I have been very interested in the rich history of the area, and by reading all the accounts you have on your site, I am even more astonished. I had no idea of the events that had taken place so close to my land. I am interested in trying to locate maps of that area, during the periods of the 1850's thru the 70's, any ideas where I may find them? Any help would be truly appreciated..Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK...Thanks, Phil

Wed, 27 Jun 2001
Hi, I am Mrs. Cy Gibson (Barbara). I understand that you once lived at PK Lake. We live south of the dam on the old Belding ranch--my family home. In fact, Cy and I live in the original ranch house--log rooms and all. My great-grandfather settled here in 1859 and found a one room cabin deserted, probably because of the recent massacre of Choctaw Tom's family. Needless to say, I am very interested in your web page. It is a great idea. There are so many fantastic stories about our area but, until recently, the local interest in our history has been very low. I have just written a book about our family and the county which should be out in July (I hope). And have become a board member and contributor to the Painted Post Crossroads Magazine. All of this is an effort to generate interest. Do you still live in the area? Maybe we could pick each other's brains. Of course, the older I get the less there seems to be to pick. But maybe there is still something there that would be helpful. If you are interested, let me know. Barbara

Fri, 27 Jul 2001
Your site is wonderful; I enjoyed it so much! Neel Kennimer

West Texas Frontier

Sun, 17 Jun 2001
Hello I am looking for a copy of the book referenced on your home page. The name of the book is "the West Texas frontier by Joseph Carroll McConnell. Our family if from Brackenridge and before marriage I was a Christesson. "Lish Christesson" was a relative. I have some wonderful stories and pictures of these people and would love to get my family a copy of this book. I have research online and have been unsuccessful. If you have any information I would really appreciate it. I am writing from my father's e-mail address while I am in Houston but would like information sent to me... surprise my father... maybe for Christmas. Please send anything to My sincere appreciation.

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