Guadalupe River

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8 March 1856, Kerrville, Texas: A detachment of Company I, 2nd Cavalry, under Capt. Albert G. Brackett, scouting to the south out of Fort Mason, discovered a Lipan Apache camp near the Guadalupe River in present-day Kerr Conty, Texas. The Indians had recently killed settlers, looted cabins, and stolen livestock in the San Antonio area. A small detachment under Sgt. Henry Gordon found the raiders' trail in a dense cedar brake. The terrain was too rough for a mounted charge, so Gordon and his men attacked the camp on foot. The first carbine volley surprised the Lipans and they fled with little resistance.

The soldiers killed three of the Indians, and recovered stolen horses, mules, and a bank draft for 1,000 British pounds.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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