Fort Sill

The following stories correspond with the numbered banners above. Click on the link below to read the story.


(188) Stone Houses

(275) D. S. and Marion Hagler

(282) Killing of Daniel Wainscott and Jack Kilgore

(283) Rush Springs

(340) Killing of Chapman at Burton Springs

(361) Fights of Col. Buck Barry and His Command on the Northwestern Frontier

(368) Josiah and John Short

(369) Son of Charlie C. Guinn Captured by Indians

(388) Barnes and His Mexican

(389) Mrs. Sarah Ann Walker

(390) St. Clair Jones

(391) Private Tulley

(403) Mysterious Disappearance of the Christal Brothers

(405) Hol Clark Shoots Indians

(432) Massacre of the Porter Family

(433) The Wounding of Mrs. W. T. Williams

(435) Spencer Mueller and Son, Ira

(436) Slaying of Bailey and Narrow Escape of John Stump

(437) Lt. Van Robbins

(438) Killing of Hodges, McGee and Hill, and Narrow Escape of John Keyser and His Father

(458) The Big Raid into Montague and Cooke Counties, During December, 1863

(485) Mack Boren

(524) Thomas Norris

(557) Kendall Lofton

(558) Box Family

(559) Raid Through Montague, Cooke and Denton Counties During September of 1866

(561) William Bailey and D. B. Green

(567) Keep Ranch Fight

(575) Experience of Giles Gordon

(582) Charlie Grant & Others Fight on Red River

(584) Fight on Robert Law Prairie

(585) Capture of Dick Freeman and John Bailey

(603) Big Tree's Bloody Raid Through Montague and Cooke Counties

(607) Killing of Bob Lackey and Capture of McLeroy Children

(620) George Halsell

(626) Big Raid Through Wise, Denton and Montague Counties

(666) Dye Mound Fight

(667) False and Determined Ideas Lead Goddleck Koozer to His Grave

(676) Capt. McLellan and Men Fight Indians in Archer City/Battle of Little Wichita

(688) Indians Assault The Beale and Maxey Families

(689) W. A. Morris and Others Fight Indians Near Red River Station

(692) Sad Experience of Mrs. Susan Herring

(700) Kenon and Paschal Families

(701) Indian Raid Near Victoria Peak

(735) Indians Charge W. A. & Arch Johnson

(749) Levi Perryman and Men Encounter Indians

(834) Spanish Fort

(915) Major George H. Thomas on Kickapoo Creek

(916) Professor Roessler's Escort

(917) Lieutenant I. N. Walker/Overland Stage Near Salt Creek

(919) Captain W. A. Rafferty

(920) Captain Julius C. Tupper

(921) Captain J. A. Wilcox

(926) "Under Construction"

(1076a, b, c) Calhoun Children

(1077) Francis M. Long

(1103) Union Pacific Workers Killed at Fort Arbuckle

(1119) Indians Raid Camp Wichita

Fort Buffalo Springs

(1140) Satanta Strikes Fort Sill


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