Fort Griffin

The following stories correspond with the numbered banners above. Click on the link below to read the story.

(257) Elijah Skidmore

(266) William Holden

(276) Defeat Gap Fight

(285) Mr. Cassady's Negro

(289) Willis Mills

(290) Relations With Reserve Indians

(291) Peter Garland and Men Charge a Camp of Reservation Indians, Six Miles North of Palo Pinto

(315) Tackett Fight

(316) Wesley Cravens

(317) Massacre of Mrs. Lucinda Wood and Liddie Lemley and the capture of Hulda and Nancy Lemley

(326) William Cross

(329) Nick Lee

(333) Josephus and Frank Browning

(343) Samuel Kuykendall

(350) Further Activities of Indians During These Same Raids

(352) Steve Brannon and Grandma Cohen

(353) Ghols Flannigan and Joe Smith

(354)  Indians Treed in the Lake Creek Mts.

(372) The Experience of George Lemons and Elic Hestelow

(394) Captain Jack Wright and Men Fight With Indians Near Buffalo Gap

(401) John Henderson Halts the Indians

(402) Berry (Coon) Keith and Others Kill and Wound Indians

(413)  Fred Colley, Coler, or Colter

(414) Benjamin Franklin Baker

(415) William M. Peters

(416) Henry Welty

(418) Samuel Rogers

(426) Henry Jackson

(429) Spencer O'Neill and Geo. Tackett

(447) W. C. McGough and Others Encounter Indians

(448) Comanche Turned Over to Tonkawas on Battle Creek

(450) Killing of Joe Curtis' Slave

(456) Indians Wound D. R. Thornton

(460) James Francis Blair and James Hart

(465) James Reed

(469) The Indian Experience of Mrs. Sarah Jane Keith

(470) Ellison Spring Fight

(476) Levi Current and Green Cox Shoot Indians West of Breckenridge

(477) W. C. McGough and Other Fights

(481/562/631) Arrow in the Water Bucket/George R. Bevers

(482) Bloody Battle at Wm. Reasoners Residence

(486) Experience of John Henson and Mr. Lewis

(492) Col. W. J. Wilkinson's Indian Experience

(500) Thomas Eubanks

(504) Captain Culver's Men Encounter Indians in Palo Pinto Co.

(509) Phil Runnels

(564) Nathan McDow and Son

(571) Murder of McWaits

(578) Indians Attack the Reynolds Ranch

(580) Citizens Have Fight with Savages About Three Miles South & East of Palo Pinto

(581) Ward Mountain Fight

(589) Mysterious Disappearance of John Ledbetter

(591) Mrs. Lewis Coffer

(597) J. H. Parr Shoots Savages on Green's Creek in Erath County

(598) John M. Elkins Shoots Indian

(616) George Hazlewood

(617) Fierce Fight at the Ledbetter Salt Works

(629/713) George Dodson Kills Indian/Savages Wound J. B. Slaughter

(633) Allen Brothers and Others Fight Indians in the Highsaw Cove

(644) Indian Fight When Elbert Doss Was Killed

(645) Joe F. Schoolcraft and Others Fight in Stephens County in 1869

(649) William Hencelwood

(653) Gunsight Gap Episode

(655) Experience of George Eubanks

(656) Savages Wound Dan Thornton

(672) John M. Elkins Shoots Indian

(678) Citizens Pursue Indians Who Assault Capt. Roach and Others at the Mustang Water Hole

(681)  Rocky Creek Fight/Indian Raid About Twelve or Fifteen Miles SE of Graham

(682) Henry Martin

(687) George Bishop

(691) Indian Fight at Hart Ranch

(698) Indians Ambush W. H. Hale on Ioni

(711) Indians Storm the Lee Home

(716) Henry Jones

(717) Indians Surround Carter Brothers and Others in Stephens County

(719) Captain W. C. McAdams Fight in the Northwestern Part of Palo Pinto County

(722) Indians Alarm Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Blair's Daughters

(734) Citizens Charge Indians Near the Present Town of Cisco

(736) Indians Charge Dr. D. B. Warren's Camp

(738) Banty Allen

(743) Chesley S. Dobbs

(747) Indian Experience of Charlie Ellington

(751) Ben Peobles

(752) Indian Fight of the Dillard Brothers

(754) Fight at the Dick Lemons' Farm, about Five Miles Southeast of Palo Pinto

(756) W. J. Hale's Indian Fight

(757) Savages Wound John Raybourne O'Neill

(758) Indian Fight Near the Mouth of Big Keechi in Palo Pinto County

(759) Citizens of Palo Pinto Encounter Indians Near the Mouth of Ioni

(760) Crawford Fight on the Chick Bend Mountain

(761) B. H. Thompkins and Others Fight in Stephens County

(762) Savages Kill Stockton in Stephens County

(777) Lt. Best and Others Follow Indians to Nolan County

(788) Running Fight of Captain McAdam's Men

(789) Indian Raid North of Camp Colorado, During October of 1874

(790) Robert Leslie

(797) M. L. McCabe Fight



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