On the Border with Crook


Chapter 1
Old Camp Grant on the Rio San Pedro | Daily Routine of Life | Architecture of the Gila | Soldiers as Laborers | The Mescal and its Uses | Drink and Gambling | Rattlesnake Bites and The Golondrina Weed | Soda Lake and the Death Valley | Felmer and His Ranch
Chapter 2
Strange Visitors | Some Apache Customs | Mexican Captives | Speedy and the Ghost | The Attack Upon Kennedy and Israel's Train | Finding the Bodies | The Dead Apache | A Frontier's Burial | How Lieutenant Yeaton Received His Death Wound | On the Trail with Lieutenant Cushing | Revenge is Sweet Ranch
Chapter 3
The Return to Camp Grant | Lanced to Death by Apaches | The Killing of Miller and Tappan | Company quarters | Apache Captives | The Cloud-Burst | Apache Corn-Fields | Meeting Colonel Sanford | Entrapped in an Apache Ambuscade | An Old-Timer's Reminiscences of Tucson | Funeral Crosses on the Roadside | Padre Rusebio Kino | First View of Tucson | The "Shoo Fly" Restaurant
Chapter 4
Some of the Friends Met in Old Tucson | Jack Long | His Divorce | Marshal Duffield and "Waco Bill" | "Them 'Ere's Mee Visitin' Kee-Yard" | Judge Titus and Charles O. Brown | How Duffield was Killed | Uncle Billy N--- and His Three Glass Eyes | Al. Garrett | Doctor Semig and Lieutenant Sherwood | Don Estevan Ochoa | Bishop Salpointe | Pete Kitchen and His Ranch
Chapter 5
The Diversions of Tucson | The Gambling Saloons | Bob Crandall and his Diamond | "Slap Jack Billy" | Tight-Rope Walkers | The Theatre | The Duenas | Bailes | The Newspapers | Stage-Drivers
Chapter 6
Tucson Incidents | The "Fiestas" | The Ruined Mission Church of San Xavier del Bac | Governor Safford | Arizona Mines | Apache Raids | Camp Grant Massacre | The Killing of Lieutenant Cushing
Chapter 7
General Crook and the Apaches | Crook's Personal Appearance and Characteristics | Points in the History of the Apaches | Their Skill in War | Foods and Modes of Cooking | Medicine Men | Their Power and Influence
Chapter 8
Crook's First Movements Against the Apaches | The Scouts | Mirages | The Floral Wealth of Arizona | Running in Upon the Hostile Apaches | An Adventure with Bears | Crook's Talk with the Apaches | The Great Mogollon Plateau | The Tonto Basin | Montezuma's Well | Cliff Dwellings | The Pack Trains
Chapter 9
The Picturesque Town of Prescott | The Apaches Active Near Prescott | "Tommy" Byrne and the Hualpais | Thieving Indian Agents | The Mojaves, Pi-Utes and Garces | The Gods of the Hualpais | The Loring Massacre | How Phil Dwyer Died and was Buried | The Indian Murderers at Camp Date Creek Plan to Kill Crook | Mason Jumps the Renegades at the "Muchos Canones" | Del-Che and Cha-Lipun Give Trouble | The Killing of Bob Whitney
Chapter 10
Crook Begins His Campaign | The Winter March Across the Mogollon Plateau | The Great Pine Belt | Bobby-Doklinny, the Medicine Man | Cooley and His Apache Wife | The Apache Chief Equinosquizn | The Apache Guide Nanaaje | The Feast of Dead-Mule Meat | The Fight in the Cave in the Salt River Canon | The Death-Chant | The Charge | The Dying Medicine Man | The Scene in the Cave
Chapter 11
The Campaign Resumed | Efficiency of Apache Scouts | Jack Long Breaks Down | A Band of Apaches Surrender in the Mountains | The Epizootic | The Taylor Massacre and its Avenging | The Arizona Roll of Honor, Officers, Men, Surgeons, Scouts, Guides, and Packers | The Strange Ruin in the Verde Valley | Death of Presiliano Monje | The Apaches Surrender Unconditionally to Crook at Camp Verde
Chapter 12
The Problem of Civilizing the Apaches | The Work Performed by Mason, Schuyler, Randall, Rice, and Babcock | Tucson Ring Influence at Washington | The Wounding of Lieutenant Jacob Almy | The Seven Apache Heads Laid on the San Carlos Parade Ground | Crook's Cash Market for the Fruits of Apache Industry | His Method With Dealing With Indians
Chapter 13
The Closing Days of Crook's First Tour in Arizona | Visit to the Moqui Villages | The Painted Desert | The Petrified Forests | The Grant Canyon | The Cataract Canyon | Building the Telegraph Line | The Apaches Using the Telegraph Line | Mapping Arizona | An Honest Indian Agent | The Chiricahua Apache Chief, Cocheis | The "Hanging" in Tucson | A Frontier Daniel | Crook's Departure From Arizona | Death Valley | The Fairy Land of Los Angeles | Arrival at Omaha
Chapter 14
The Department of the Platte | The Black Hills Difficulty | The Allison Commission | Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull | The First Winter Campaign | Clothing Worn by the Troops | The Start for the Big Horn | Frank Gruard, Louis Richaud, Big Bat, Louis Changrau, and Other Guides
Chapter 15
Moving Into the Big Horn Country In Winter | The Herd Stampeded | A Night Attack | "Jeff's" Oozing Courage | The Grave-yard at Old Fort Reno | In a Montana Blizzard | The Mercury Frozen in the Bulb | Killing Buffalo | Indian Graves | How Crook Looked While on this Campaign | Finding a Dead Indian's Arm | Indian Pictures
Chapter 16
The Attack Upon Crazy Horses's Village | The Bleak Night March Across the Mountains | Egan's Charge Through The Village | Stanton and Mills and Sibley to the Rescue | The Burning Lodges | Men Frozen | The Wealth of the Village | Retreating to Lodge Pole Creek | Crook Rejoins Us | Cutting the Throats of Captured Ponies
Chapter 17
The Summer Campaign of 1876 | The Sioux and Cheyennes Getting Ugly | Raiding the Settlements | Attempt to Ambuscade Crook | Killing the Mail Rider | The Story of the Fetterman Massacre | Lake De Smet | Our First Thunder Storm | A Soldier's Burial | The Sioux Attack Our Camp | Trout Fishing | Bear Hunting | Calamity Jane | The Crow and Shoshone Allies Join the Command | The War Dance and Medicine Song
Chapter 18
The Column in Motion | Running Into a Great Herd of Buffalos | The Signal Cry of the Scouts | The Fight on the Rosebud | How the Killed were Buried | Scalp Dance | Butchering a Cheyenne | Lieutenant Schuyler Arrives | Sending Back the Wounded
Chapter 19
Killing Dull Care in Camp | Exploring the Snow-Crested Big Horn Mountains | Finerty Klls his First Buffalo | The Swimming Pools | A Big Trout | Sibley's Scout | A Narrow Escape | News Of The Custer Massacre | The Sioux Try To Find Terry | Washakie Drills His Shoshones | Kelly The Courier Starts To Find Terry | Crow Indians Bearing Despatches | The Sign Language | A Pony Race | Indian Serenades | How The Shoshones Fished | A Fire In Camp | The Utes Join Us
Chapter 20
The Junction With Merritt And The March To Meet Terry | The Country On Fire | Merritt And His Command | Mr. "Graphic" | Stanton And His "Irregulars" | "Ute John" | The Site Of The Hostile Camp | A Sioux Cemetery | Meeting Terry's Command | Finding Two Skeletons | In The Bad Lands | Lancing Battlesnakes | Bathing In The Yellowstone | Mackinaw Boats And "Bull" Boats | The Rees Kave A Pony Dance | Some Terrible Storms | Lieutenant William P. Clarke
Chapter 21
Crook And Terry Separate | The Picturesque Little Missouri | The "Horse Meat March" From The Head Of The Heart River To Deadwood | On The Sioux Trail | Making Coffee Under Difficulties | Slaughtering Worn-Out Cavalry Horses For Food | The Fight At Slim Buttes | Lieutenant Von Leuttewitz Loses A Leg | The Dying Chief, "American Horse," Surrenders | Relics of the Custer Massacre | "Crazy Horse" Attacks Our Lines | Sunshine And Rations
Chapter 22
To And Through The Black Hills | How Deadwood Looked In 1876 | The Deadwood "Academy Of Music" | The Second Winter Campaign | The Names Of The Indian Scouts | Wiping Out The Cheyenne Village | Lieutenant McKinney Killed | Fourteen Cheyenne Babies Frozen To Death In Their Mothers' Arms | The Custer Massacre Again | The Terrible Experience Of Randall And The Crow Scouts
Chapter 23
Strange Mess-Mates | The Journey To The Agencies | General Sheridan's Visit | "Spotted Tail" | The Story Of His Dead Daughter's Bones | "White Thunder" | "Red Cloud" | "Dull Knife" | "Big Wolf" | The Necklace of Human Fingers | "Sorrel Horse" | "Three Bears" | "Young Man Afraid Of His Horses" | "Rocky Bear" | "Red Cloud's " Letter | Indian Dances | The Bad Lands | How The Cheyennes First Got Horses
Chapter 24
The Surrender of "Crazy Horse" | Selling Ammunition To Hostile Indians | Plundering Unarmed, Peacable Indians | Supper With "Crazy Horse" | Character of This Chief | His Bravery And Generosity | The Story Of The Custer Massacre As Told By "Horny Horse" | Lieutenant Reilly's Ring | The Death of "Crazy Horse" | "Little Big Man's" Story About It | "Crazy Horse" Probably His Own Slayer | The Ebb Of Sioux Supremacy
Chapter 25
The Management of Indian Agencies | Agent MacGillicuddy's Wonderful Work | Crook's Remaining Days in the Department of the Platte | The Bannock, Ute, Nez Perce, and Cheyenne Outbreaks The Killing of Major Thornburgh and Captain Weir | Merritt's Famous March Against Time | How the Dead Came to Life and Walked | The Case of the Poncas | Crook's Hunts and Explorations | Nearly Frozen to Death in a Blizzard | A Narrow Escape From an Angry She-Bear | Catching Nebraska Horse-Thieves | "Dock" Middleton's Gang
Chapter 26
Crook Re-Assigned To The Department Of Arizona | All The Apaches On The War-Path | Lieutenants Morgan And Converse Wounded | Captain Hentig Killed | Crook Goes Alone To See The Hostiles | Conferences With The Apaches | What The Arizona Grand Jury Said of An Indian Agent | Condition Of Affairs At The San Carlos Agency | Whiskey Sold To The Chiricahua Apaches | Apache Trials By Jury | Arizona In 1882 | Phoenix, Prescott, And Tucson | Indian Schools
Chapter 27
The Sierra Madre Campaign And The Chircahuas | "Chato's" Raid | Crook's Expedition Of Forty-Six White Men And One Hundred And Ninety-Three Indian Scouts | The Surprise Of The Apache Stronghold | The "Tombstone Toughs" | The Management Of The Chiricahuas | How Indians Will Work If Encouraged | Giving The Franchise To Indians; Crook's Views | The Crawford Court Of Inquiry | "Ka-E-Ten-Na's" Arrest Ordered By Major Barber | Trouble Arises Between The War And Interior Departments | Crook Asks To Be Relieved From The Responsibility For Indian Affairs | Some Of The Chiricahuas Return To The War-Path
Chapter 28
The Campaign Against "Geronimo" | The Crops Raised By The Apaches | The Pursuit Of The Hostiles | The Hard Work Of The Troops | Efficient And Faithful Service Of The Chiricahua Scouts | War Dances And Spirit Dances | Captain Crawford Killed | A Visit To The Hostile Stronghold | A "Nervy" Photographer | A White Boy Captive Among The Apaches | "Alchise's" And "Ka-E-Ten-Na's" Good Work | "Geronimo" Surrenders to Crook
Chapter 29
The Effects Of Bad Whiskey Upon Savage Indians | The Wretch Tribollet | Some Of The Chiricahuas Slip Away From Maus During A Rainy Night | The Burial Of Captain Crawford | Crook's Terms Disapproved In Washington | Crook Asks To Be Relieved From Command In Arizona | "Geronimo" Induced To Come In By The Chiricahua Ambassadors, "KI-E-TA" And "Martinez" | Treachery Shown in The Treatment Of The Well-Behaved Members Of The Chiricahua Apache Band
Chapter 30
Crook's Closing Years | He Averts A War With The Utes | A Member Of The Commission Which Secured A Cession Of Eleven Millions Of Acres From The Sioux | His Interest In Game Laws | His Death | What The Apaches Did | What "Red Cloud" Said | His Funeral In Chicago | Burial In Oakland, Maryland | Re-Interment In Arlington Cemetery, Virginia

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