Chicosa Arroyo

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25 April 1855, Trinidad, Colorado: After the Saguache Creek/Cochetopa Pass engagement, Col. Thomoas T. Fauntleroy's expedition rested and provisioned at Fort Massachusetts, then moved out again. Kit Carson guided Ceran St. Vrain and three of his volunteer companies east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, trailing the Apaches and Utes to the edge of the plains. At one point along Chicosa Arroyo, north of present-day Trinidad, Colorado, the Pueblo irregulars were out hunting game when the volunteers mistook them for Apaches and nearly attacked them. From that point on, the Pueblos wore distinctive white headbands.

Continuing down Chicosa Arroyo to the headwaters of the Purgatoire River, the column ran into a camp of about 60 Jicarillas. St. Vrain attacked, killed 6 Indians, captured 7, and rounded up 31 horses. The volunteers suffered no casualties.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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