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The map links below feature several trails of different color. The red route is a full day whereas the orange is a short day but the green is at least an overnite trip. The weekend trips lead to Albany and Fort Griffin in the west as well as Fort Sill in Oklahoma. The Ghosts of the Cross Timbers trip is drawn to begin and end in Weatherford though many will prefer to use 114 from Dallas and the airport or 199 from Fort Worth. Driving clockwise is chronologically more accurate as far as what was settled first but going counterclockwise seems to offer better views through the windshield.

You enter and return through the Parker/Palo Pinto map. This route shown utilizes Silvercreek Road, west of I-820. Just beyond the first big turn to the north lies an old rock house where there once was a stage station on the old Belknap road. Notice the road followed a high prairie, void of timber and easily drained. As you follow Silvercreek Road to Confederate Road 1885, you will drop into dense Cross Timbers along the creek. Imagine the difficulty travelers had in crossing through this kind of terrain though it is worth remembering that the timbers provided protection against mounted Indian attacks. You will continue to mirror the old military road following 254 to Graford where you turn north and climb Hwy. 4. to Jacksboro. This historic town is home to Fort Richardson, Herd's Hamburgers and the Green Frog Cafe. The latter being immortalized by Jerry Jeff Walker's version of Guy's Clark's "Desperados Waiting For a Train."

Take 114 northwest of Jacksboro past Loving's Ranch Headquarters to the site of Lone Wolf's Revenge Raid in Lost Valley, three miles west of Jermyn. You may choose to follow 114 to the Salt Creek Fight historical marker or perhaps on to Olney and Archer City on your way to Fort Sill. A shorter alternative would be to continue past the Flat Top Mountain to Jean and follow 1769 south to Britt Johnson's historical marker. Take the gravel-topped Turtle Hole Road to the east to Hwy. 16 and the Warren Wagon Train Massacre marker. If time is dear, otherwise continue west on 380 to Fort Belknap, 61 to Graham, and 16 to Possum Kingdom and the Palo Pinto Jail and Museum.

The short route follows 16 south to 2075 to Bryson, whose city park has an original cabin available for viewing. Drop south on scenic 1191 to Hwy. 16 from which you can go back to Graford and backtrack or take Hwy. 337 to the south through Mineral Wells enroute to Weatherford. You can drive south on Hwy. 4 across the Brazos to Palo Pinto. Down river from Rochelle's Canoe Rental is a site where Choctaw Tom's little band met their fate in 1858. You can reach I-20 following scenic Hwy. 4 south of Palo Pinto to the little store in Lone Camp where you can stretch your legs, get something to drink and check out the electric train that circles the handpainted landscape around the ceiling.

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